Use Scenarios:

Sign up selected contacts to an event. Check the Registration status in Attendees.

List of Registrants available in the My Contacts:

Notice in the example below that in a previous step we uploaded a list of registrants (who signed up for the event).

Each registrant on this list has a Tag with a the same date / time stamp. See example below.


 Sign up selected contacts to an event:

To sign up a list of Registrants (and send automaticaly an email with login info) you have to:

  • Use the date / time stamp tag to filter.
  • Click on the Check box below the More button (all contacts in the filtered list are selected)
  • Click More
  • Click Copy selected contacts to an event
  • Select Event
  • Click OK

See example below.


After you click Ok, the Registrants are signed up (they automatically receive an email with login info).

Sign up Report:

You end up at the Sign up Report. It shows that all Registrants are signed up. See example below.


To get back to your list in My Contacts you have to:

  • Click Go back to contact list button

Attendee List:

Go to My Events


To select an Event, you have to:

  • Click on the Event Name (e.g 'Business Matchmaking Event 2016')

Now the Event Menu Bar opens. See Example below.


Notice that the Registrants have the Registration Status 'Confirmed'.

Sign up:

Click on this link to move on to the next step -> Assuming the identity of an attendee