User Scenarios:

Create a CSV file and Upload it into the Contact List. Update contact information. Contacts with the same company name are grouped into one company. Contacts can be divided into groups.

Upload contact info from other applications:
Contacts can be imported from other applications or from exported Pitch and Match contacts.

Different type of contacts:

Different type of contacts can be imported into the Contact List. Fore example:

  • Contacts from your CRM application to send an invitation
  • Contacts who registered in your event website or bought a ticket and need to be signed up

CSV format only:

Contacts can be uploaded into Pitch and match in CSV format only.

How to create a CSV file in Excel:

This instructions assume that you have already exported the contacts from the other applications and imported it in Excel.

Below an example of the CSV file in Excel.

To create a CSV file that contains enough info to invite, sign up or give access, you have to:

  • Create a CSV file with the at least the 10 obligated Columns; Name, Last name, Country, Email, Phone, Job Title, Company, Group, Ticket, Private Location

If you want you can:

  • Add TAGS
  • You can use these Tags in My Contacts to filter out who you want to Sign up in which order.

Rules for creating a CSV file:

  • Don't use headers in the first row of the CSV file (See example above)
  • There should be no blank rows (See example above)
  • Country names or abbreviations conform the Country List in Pitch and Match
  • Email addresses need to be unique. Email address is the user ID in Pitch and Match.
  • Phone number can be in in any format. But don't allow Excel to convert the phone number into a formula.
  • Contacts with exactly the same company name are grouped into one company
  • To ensure that contacts are divided into Groups you need to create groups in your event, before you Sign up contacts to an event
  • To ensure that contacts can be linked to a ticket you need to create Tickets in your event, before you sign up contacts to an event
  • For contacts with a Ticket that includes the setting 'Linked to a Private Location = Yes',  the private location is created and the contact is linked with the this Private Location automatically.
  • Every column, after the Groups column, is converted into a Tag.

Upload Contacts:

Go to My Contacts

Below an example of the Contact List. Notice that it is completely empty.

To start uploading, you have to:

  • Click Upload contacts

Now the Upload window opens. See example below.

To ensure that the upload will go well, you have to:

  • Click on Choose file and select the CSV file you want to upload (To test, use the CSV file we attached at the bottom of this page)
  • Select the Source (Microsoft Excel on Mac or Microsoft Excel on Windows).
  • Select the Separator (Comma or Semicolon)
  • Click OK 

Now the CSV file will be uploaded into Pitch and Match. See Progression bar below.

After the upload is complete the Upload contact results and Report is shown. See example below.

Because we uploaded a CSV file with a header on the first contact line and a blank line at the second, this alert shows that 2 contacts are not uploaded. The other contacts from the list are uploaded correctly. 

Now you have to options:

  • If you need to solve problems click Save report
  • To accept the upload click Go back to contact list

Now the contacts are imported into the Contact List. See example below.

Date stamp

The system automatically adds a date stamp. You can use this to filter out contacts you uploaded at a specific date.

Update contact information:
Notice that if you upload contacts, the system checks if the email address already exists. When the email address already exists but the information in one of the contact fields (e.g. the company name) is changed, this field will be updated.

Click on this link to move on to the next step-> Sign up selected contacts to an event